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Banjo-Kazooie: Rejiggied

This started as a side sketch but then I decided to use it to try out a new style! I went for a mix between that chalky-storybook style and realistic shading.

I wanted to see what Banjo-Kazooie would look like if they had continued their games, but tightened up their appearance. I moved away from their more exaggerated proportions and went for something I saw as more balanced (IE, Banjo has a more brawler/heroic build, Kazooie's snarky personality is displayed more in her design). What was funny is that Gregg Mayles, the creator of Banjo-Kazooie commented that my design for Banjo was a little too human-like (probably the build of the legs and feet had something to do with it), and Kazooie was too big (which was honestly cause I was too lazy to scale down Kazooie in post lol).

That's concept art for you though, you gotta bring it up to the big guy and make the revisions after